50+ Ways We Support Well-Being

Well being

Well-being is very much a two-way street. For any wellbeing strategy, programme or initiative to be impactful, the school and the individual must meet in the middle, there must be an offer but also an acceptance.

We have consulted staff in relation to what is important to them and extend a hand in offering a range of support but it is really important that individuals hold out theirs too to ensure they make a difference.

We believe that to deliver meaningful well-being strategies, one of the first things we need to do is work out how to get people to come towards them, how to encourage them to interact with their own well-being and accept, embrace and engage with what we are able to offer.

Please find here the 50+ things we do to support the well-being of our school community and how individuals can ensure it positively impacts their role:

50+ Ways We Support Well-Being