Animals in School

At Pond Meadow we strive to enrich students experiences through having animals in school. We currently have two resident guinea pigs in the upper school, they provide real life experiences of how to care for animals and build relationships with them. In our sensory classes we have a therapy dog regularly visiting, students have opportunities to build on their interactions and engagement with the therapy dog over each session. We also have opportunities for other animals to come on site such as a mobile farm and animals for part of pet care for careers day. 

Snowy and Doughnut the Guinea Pigs

Our guinea pigs provide our pupils with opportunities to complete independent, functional tasks (cleaning , feeding, caring for) which they understand the purpose of. We use communication boards to discuss the guinea pigs, which is a highly motivating. Snowy and Doughnut also provide  therapeutic benefit by supporting emotional regulation and pupils from around the school come and spend time with them for this very reason. They are a great addition to the school and the students thrive having the additional responsibility of care.

Finlay the Therapy Dog

On Wednesday afternoons our three sensory classes, Robins, Primrose and Lavender have a special visitor, Finlay. Finlay is a registered therapy dog through Pets As Therapy, he visits with his owner Jonathan. Finlay spends 30 minutes in each class, students are given the opportunity to throw balls, stroke and walk him. The students enjoy their weekly sessions and anticipate his arrival. During the sessions students feel calm, gain confidence, and have fantastic responses when interacting with Finlay. 

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