SEND Information

Surrey's Local Offer and The SEN Information Report

These files provide the outline information about Surrey LA's Local Offer and the School's response to the 14 questions on SEND agreed by the SE group of 7 Local Authorities. It is through these two documents that the school seeks to provide information to parents about the SEND arrangements. We would advise all parents to look first of all at the Surrey SEND local offer site (linked below).

The Local Offer provides comprehensive information about the range of services and provisions available to children and young people in Surrey with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). All local authorities are required under Section 30 of the Children and Families Act 2014 to publish this information. Its purpose is to enable young people and their families to find and engage with services that will benefit them.

Surrey's Local Offer includes provisions from birth right through to 25 years old and covers education, health and social care. It has been developed with children and young people, parents and carers, and local services including, schools, colleges, health and social care agencies. Find out more through the link below:

Surrey Local Offer

Pond Meadow's response to the 14 SEND questions that help to outline our offer is set out in the form of a 'question and answer' within the SEN Information Report. We welcome feedback on its accessibility and clarity:

Pond Meadow SEN Information Report

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

At Pond Meadow, the Senior Leadership Team provide the 'named' SENCO position, taking ultimate responsibility for the Special Educational Needs planning and delivery in the school, the progression of pupils towards their outcomes in the EHCP and ensuring that Pond Meadow continues to meet the needs of each individual pupil.

The Senior Leadership Team comprises of our Headteacher, Emily Hayward, Deputy Headteachers Melanie Harmes and Rebecca Greig and Assistant Headteacher Sarah Nash.

The class teachers work with the parents/carers, other professionals and the students to set the Individual Education Plan targets. Teachers and class teams monitor the students progression of these targets. They also report on this progress in the Annual Review of the EHCP or Statement of Special Needs.