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Dance Massage

Dance Massage is an experience that uses music as it’s main focus to encourage communication between the individual and the Dance Massage partner. A variety of sensory objects/tools are explored on different areas of the upper body and hands along to the rhythm and beats within the preferred piece of music.

Dance Massage:

· Is a shared experience between the individual and partner

· Explores different sounds/rhythms  in different ways

· Supports the individual to be aware of the music

· May result in an individual showing preference for particular music or tactile object

· Supports fundamental communication skills such as vocalising, turn-taking, echoing and making choices.

· Supports the individuals awareness of their own body.

Examples of equipment that can be used, e.g. rotating in circles with a textured fabric to the different tempo of the music, tapping with a soft wooden spoon.

Let It Go Dance MassageSensory Rhymes Dance MassageFilm song ideas Dance Massage
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