School Leavers

School Leavers

At the end of the 2020/2021 Academic Year we have seen exciting new provisions confirmed for many of our school leavers.

From Springboard Nursery:

6 Pupils Remaining at Pond Meadow
1 Pupil Going to Eastwick school -unit
1 Pupil Going to Bagshot Lee Infants -unit
1 Pupil Going to Burpham Infants- unit
1 Pupil Going to Freemantles
1 Pupil Going to Guilford Grove
1 Pupil Place offered at Portsbury

Our Post 16 learners will be attending different colleges and provisions starting from September 2021.

1 Pupil Attending Guilford College
2 Pupils Attending Merrist Wood
1 Pupil Attending Treloars
1 Pupil Attending Beechwood College

The skills development across our school has equipped these pupils to successfully progress to other provisions, with four of our nursery pupils receiving placements in a unit. In the upper school our pupils’ independence skills are further developed and fostered to ensure they are preparing for adulthood. Our focus on communication and interaction throughout our school provides our pupils with the skills they need to succeed in alternative placements.