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Therapies Team

The Therapies Team at Pond Meadow School consists of Physiotherapists and an Occupational Therapist who visit from the NHS and Speech and Language Therapy staff who are employed by Surrey County Council. The team work as an integral part of the school community, working in partnership with pupils, parents, carers and teaching staff. The aim of the team is to ensure that needs of the pupils are met so that they may achieve their full potential whilst at school.


Speech and Language Therapy Team

The Speech and Language Therapy team at Pond Meadow is comprised of Speech and Language Therapists and a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant. Our primary goal is to support the class teams in establishing a functional means of communication for the children in the school.

We are part of the school team and work in close liaison and collaboration with school staff, other therapies, the nursing team and home. Intervention may be direct (assessment and therapy) and/or indirect (supporting school staff, setting of goals, training parents).

There is a visiting Specialist who works with pupils who may have feeding or swallowing difficulties. This includes assessment of oral feeding and strategies to increase the safety of oral feeding, with the overall aim of making mealtimes as safe and as pleasurable as possible.