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The ethos and values of Pond Meadow School are summarised in the following four words:

"Learning, Independence, Respect, Equality"

The school prides itself on the individual pupil's learning and outcomes and seeks to provide a teaching and learning environment that allows each pupil to achieve to their highest potential.

Independence is of equal importance to us and we put in place an holistic curriculum model that supports both independent learning and the development of independence skills. Independence that we hope will support each pupil throughout their life.

Our approach to teaching, care and support is rooted in absolute respect for the individual, their dignity and their rights as a young person. A key part of our approach is to view behaviour as communication and to respect the pupil's right not to be physically handled but instead to be supported through their own communication.

Equality is imbedded in our whole school approach and through every policy area, providing support for equal access to learn through to a right to be free from discrimination.

The Governors have endorsed an Ethos and Equality Statement

Pond Meadow Academy values ‘Learning, Independence, Respect and Equality’ and seeks to give all pupils, parents/carers and staff members in the Academy an equal opportunity to learn, work and live, free from the action, or fear, of discrimination because of their sex, race, disability, religion or belief, or sexual orientation and whether they are pregnant or undergoing gender reassignment.

The focus of the Academy is to provide Equality of opportunity, promote Respect for each pupil in all settings and to be a true and trusted advocate who represents their needs, wishes and opinions and to develop each pupil’s Independence so that they are able to be supported to become an active citizen within our society. Our approach to teaching and the curriculum model is that through the child’s or young person’s Learning these values will be developed during their school career in a respectful, relevant and age appropriate manner.

Every member of the Pond Meadow Academy staff are key to the delivery of this ethos and as such the same model of Equality and Respect is included in all school policies. Furthermore, all staff will have the opportunity to develop as self-directed, reflective learners, through working collaboratively to enhance their own expertise.

Governors will contribute to the life of the Academy on a wider scale, acting as critical friends to support its vision to become a nationally recognised Centre of Excellence.