At Pond Meadow we recognise the varied needs of our pupils but place high expectations on their learning.

All pupils follow a full curriculum to provide them with the breadth of learning opportunities required to develop new skills and generalise old. The curriculum is seen as a vehicle for supporting key areas of individual learning and is fully modified to allow pupils to take individual steps. Each pupil has an individual Education Plan, agreed with parents, that sets out our approach to his or specific needs.

We emphasise encouragement and enjoyment in our teaching so that pupils feel happy to come to school and look forward to the challenges within the school day. The relationship that builds up between our staff and pupils is placed at the heart of our work and creates the trust that is required for our pupils to make progress.

All achievements by our pupils are valued and recognised. Activities are planned to give pupils an individual sense of achievement and also for class groups to contribute and then share in the achievements.

Pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible as learners. Teaching staff work closely with families to find new solutions to individual pupil needs to enable each pupil to take positive steps towards independent learning. Our aim is not just to meet needs but to do so in a way that supports learning throughout the child's life.

All teaching sessions have a clear structure that emphasises the introduction and Plenary (summary) of each lesson or task so that pupils have:

  • support in making links in their learning,
  • opportunities and time to reflect on past learning,
  • a clear explanation of the content and purpose of each lesson or part of lesson,
  • a planned opportunity to contribute and use communication skills
  • achievement celebrated within the whole class.

To ensure individual needs are met, the key aspects of the introduction are emphasised within the pair, small group, or individual teaching session during the main part of the lesson and at the individual communication level of the child.