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Waterfall Blog 10th November

A really likes assembly and chooses it everyday when commenting on an enjoyable activity. A also likes visiting the café in Morrisons on a Tuesday, choosing a cake for a snack and joining his peers and adults for interaction.

S enjoyed PE this week, he was on the winning team playing volleyball. S watched and listened to instructions and took turns to hit the ball over the net. S liked visiting the café in Morrisons. He chose an Oasis drink and enjoyed pushing the trolley around the supermarket.

C liked working with Kate in Maths doing shapes, he also liked English - reading the story Wizard of Oz. C also enjoyed cooking this week, making chicken and salad wraps. He worked with Mandy in Morrisons buying the ingredients for our chocolate muffins.

J enjoyed volleyball in PE because 'when we finished we shaked hands.' he said 'I enjoyed having my yum yum carrot cake at the café on Tuesday'.

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