Waterfall 11.1.18 Poems by students

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Waterfall 11.1.18 Poems by students

S - smiling and happy, a high 5 e - every day i like music on the ipad a - always waving n - not too much work please

A - always looking for the ipad l - loves music i - in school

C comes to school with a smile Opens all the doors Nice and friendly to all Nothing is too small Overall a kind young man Really happy and caring

S - Super at dancing H - Helpful all the time A - Always falling asleep N - Nobody is faster N - Never sleeps O - On the I pod N - Now! Bring me my music

S - Shining like a star H - Hurrying into school E - Every day smiling and happy L - Likes taking her dogs for a walk B - Being kind and helpful Y - Yoga is fun to do

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