Pond Meadow School has run the Duke of Edinburgh scheme successfully for many years. This is a voluntary award which provides students to further develop function skills such as communication, problem solving, organisation skills and promoting mental well-being.

Students can start their Bronze Programme when they turn 14, this is offered to all students including those with more complex needs.

At Pond Meadow, we focus on the Bronze Award which consists of four main sections. These are:

  • Voluntary Work
  • Skills
  • Physical Recreation
  • Expedition

The sections develop the student’s awareness of supporting the local community/environment, improving fitness, developing new skills, and participating in an expedition which consists of an overnight stay at a residential facility and six hours of a chosen activity during each day.

The students are encouraged to participate in adapted activities to suite the individual needs. Past students have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and are able to recall information from their expeditions.

Voluntary Work

  • Supporting the local community centre
  • Bag packing at a local supermarket
  • Conservation support with Surrey Wildlife Trust
  • Organising fundraising activities


  • Developing cooking skills
  • Reading skills
  • Pet care

Physical Recreation

  • Participating in a sport or physical activity. This is incorporated into PE lessons.
  • Rock climbing


1 overnight stay

6 hours of activity during day 1 and 2

  • Overnight stay at Bently Copse – camping
  • High Ashurst - cabins
  • Canoeing
  • Walking
  • Use of local narrow boat

Activities which students may participate in to achieve their Bronze aware.

The students are supported to develop and consolidate skills based around these four key areas. Activities are tailored to the individual needs so that all participates successfully complete the Bronze Award.

The programme is led by experienced teaching staff who work across the Secondary school with the students on the scheme.