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Pupil Progress 2017-18

The analysis of pupil progress for 2017-18 shows the continuing strong outcomes for our pupils across all age ranges, need types and sub-cohorts.                    

Pupil progress in reading and number has continued to improve across the school. This year new pupils entering the school of nursery and reception age (years -1 and 0) have been at a much lower attainment level than in previous years. Years -1, 0 and year 1 have no pupils that have been identified as ‘able’ this academic year. Those that were identified as being ‘able’ in these year groups in 2016-2017 have now moved onto new settings. This is represented by the lower trend line for the last academic year across these year groups. The school trend line has been consistently exceeding the national average in all year groups across the school since 2014, and from year 9 onwards the level of pupil progress in reading and number has continued to increase and challenge both the national average and school trend lines. Pond Meadow encourages the continued learning and development of reading and number skills for all pupils within the upper school both in and outside of the classroom. The impact of this is clearly represented by the continued rise in the school trend line from year 10 onwards compared to the levelling off of the national average across these year groups.

The following graph shows the reading average trends across all age groups for 2014 -2018 compared to the National trend (grey). The pupil data is very strong, showing not only above the National average in all year groups but year-on-year improvements since our 'outstanding' results in 2014.


The next graph shows Number average trends for 2014 -2018 compared to National trend. The graph shows our 'outstanding' results for 2014 and our year-on-year improvements from this date.


The tables below shows the comparison of the End of Key Stage results for actual pupil averages in 2017-18 for Reading and Number and the same comparison for the 'trend' data, that is the smoothed average across all age groups.


Reading Average Values 2018
Year Group Pupil Actual Pupil Trend National
2 6.7 5.6 5.0
6 7.6 7.4 7.1
9 8.7 8.4 7.8
11 7.3 9.0 8.0
Number Average Values   2018
Year Group Pupil Actual Pupil Trend National
2 6.9 5.6 5.5
6 7.9 7.5 7
9 7.8 8.4 8.0
11 7.8 9.0 8.5


 Pupil Progress Reports

Please follow the link below for the 2017-18 Data report:

Whole School Data Report 2017-18 



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National Performance Tables

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Pupil Progress Reports

The Pupil Progress report for 2016-17 will appear here at the end of October after it has been ratified by Governors.