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  • Caitriona Walsh


    Appointed: 05-Sep-2016

  • David Monk


    Appointed: 01-Nov-2014

  • Matthew Gambold

    Chair of Finance and Property Committee

    Appointed: 01-Nov-2014

  • Sian Jones

    Chair of Children and Learning Committee

    Appointed: 01-Nov-2014

  • Tracy Moroney

    Chair of Health and Care Committee

    Appointed: 03-Jan-2017

  • Stephanie Dale

    Community Governor

    Appointed: 27-Nov-2018

  • Alex Page

    Community Governor

    Appointed: 19-Mar-2019

  • Penny Gibson

    Community Governor

    Appointed: 19-Mar-2019

  • Chris Stafford

    Community Governor

    Appointed: 04-Apr-2018 - Resignation Date: 18-Jul-2018

  • Lady Elizabeth Toulson

    Chair of Building and Sites Committee

    Appointed: 01-Nov-2014 - Resignation Date: 11-Oct-2018

  • Laura Davies

    Staff Governor

    Appointed: 05-Sep-2016 - Resignation Date: 19-Mar-2019

  • Margaret Taylor

    Chair of the Governors

    Appointed: 01-Nov-2014 - Resignation Date: 09-Sep-2018

  • Steve Mundy

    Co-Chair, Chair of Human Resources Committee

    Appointed: 05-May-2015 - Resignation Date: 14-Jun-2019