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Current Use 2017-18

The enhanced PE grant in 2017-18 is £16,000 plus £10 per Primary age pupil plus some residual money from the previous academic year.

We have been successful in, once again, employing a dance teacher for the year and all Primary aged classes now benefit from a dance programme every Wednesday and this is once again our emphasis rather than continuing to explore the OT route (noted in 2016-17).

The hydro therapy pool staff training costs are still met from this grant but we are also planning to use the enhanced and residual monies to help support the laying of a sports track in our rear field. This track will be designed to be used for wheelchairs, cycles, walking, jogging, scootering - or other means of movement - to build in a programme of daily or weekly outdoor exercise for our pupils in a manner that they are likely to continue into their adult life. Quotes are currently being obtained for this and this web-page will be updated when the cost breakdown is finalised. Once the track is laid the school has identified fundraising to create outdoor, natural, sensory elements to place around the track to enhance the experience for pupils and to help develop a theme of 'exercise in a natural environment' that leads into our weekly Secondary visits to the outdoor centre at Bentley Copse and on to our Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.


Pond Meadow School has a hydrotherapy pool that all students from Reception age to at least Year 6 have the opportunity to access on a regular basis. The pool’s primary use is for students with profound and complex needs to be able to carry out hydrotherapy and physiotherapy programmes. All other pupils within these year groups are then offered the chance to develop their water confidence outside of these primary sessions.

Due to the complex and individual learning needs of all pupils at Pond Meadow it is more appropriate for them to develop their confidence in the water alongside basic water safety skills. Therefore, most pupils will not be able to meet the government recommendations to swim competently over a distance of 25 metres, use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in water before they reach the end of Year 6. 

Past use 2016/17

The Primary PE Grant of £8,200 still continued to support our hydrotherapy work in the school, primarily by training staff in shallow water proficiency so that each class has at least one trained member of staff. the school also provides a trained lifeguard poolside.

Unfortunately, following the great success of our Dance work on the Extended day, we were not able to replace the instructor with a similarly experienced person. With the agreement of the Children and Learning Governors' sub-committee, we transferred this to looking at appointing an Occupational Therapist to work with us on Physical and Sensory elements of our PE and whole school curriculum; this was also unsuccessful due to the lack of OT's available in the area. The monies have been carried through to 2017-18 to provide for an enhanced provision in that year.

Past Use 2013 -2015

The amounts the school received in PE and Sports Grant were:

2013/14 - £8,210

2014/15 - £8,200

2015/16 - £8,200

This has been used to support our hydrotherapy work and provide specialist dance input to the Primary aged pupils.

All full-time Primary pupils are offered a session of warm water swim time/hydrotherapy and the school supports this by providing a poolside lifeguard and through training class staff in shallow water safety. Part of the PE and Sports Grant is used to support the annual training of these key staff so that we can continue providing these sessions across all Primary classes.

On Wednesday afternoons between 3:00pm and 5:00pm the school offers an 'extended day' to all full-time pupils throughout the school. The balance of the PE and Sports Grant was used in 2014/15 to provide a block of input in the Summer Term from a dance specialist starting early on Wednesday afternoon and into the 'extended day'. The dance work was focused on the pupils creating a performance for a parent's assembly.

In 2015/16 this was used towards similar support for training and specialist input as for past years.


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