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CURRENT USE - 2018-19


The PE grant in 2018-19 is PE Grant £16,540

We have been successful in, once again, employing a dance teacher for the year and all Primary aged classes now benefit from a dance programme every Wednesday.

The grant will also be used, alongside last year’s grant, to provide a sports track in our rear field. This track is designed to be used for wheelchairs, cycles, walking, jogging, scootering - or other means of movement - to build in a programme of daily and weekly outdoor exercise for our pupils in a manner that they are likely to continue into their adult life. The work is planned for Easter 2019 and will be in use for Summer Term. Once the track is laid the school has identified fundraising to create outdoor, natural, sensory elements to place around the track to enhance the experience for pupils and to help develop a theme of 'exercise in a natural environment' that leads into our weekly Secondary visits to the outdoor centre at Bentley Copse and on to our Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

Pond Meadow School has a hydrotherapy pool that all students from Reception age to at least Year 6 have the opportunity to access on a regular basis. The pool’s primary use is for students with profound and complex needs to be able to carry out hydrotherapy and physiotherapy programmes. All other pupils within these year groups are then offered the chance to develop their water confidence outside of these primary sessions.

The grant also pays for training the hydro therapy pool staff and additional poolside staff.


PAST USE - 2017/18

The enhanced PE grant in 2017-18 was £16,000 plus £10 per Primary age pupil. Part of this grant was used to train our hydrotherapy pool staff and employ a specialist dance teacher, the balance was put together with the 2018/19 grant for the development of the outdoor fitness areas.

PAST USE - 2013 -2016

The main use of the grant in past years has been to support our hydrotherapy work and provide specialist dance input to the Primary aged pupils.

The amounts the school received in PE and Sports Grant were:

2016/17 - £8,200

2015/16 - £8,200

2014/15 - £8,200

2013/14 - £8,210


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