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Statutory Information

Pond Meadow School converted to Academy status in November 2014 and is a single school Academy Trust  known as 'Pond Meadow Academy Trust'. More detailed information relating to the structure, Governance and funding of the school is available in the 'Academy and Charity Information' section of this site.

Please see below some key areas where the school is specifically funded for individual pupils or groups of pupils, the outline process for our admissions arrangements and links to Surrey's Local Offer and Pond Meadow's SEN information Report.


Pupil Premium and Year 7 Catch-up Grant.

Current use 2016-17

For the beginning of this academic year Pupil Premium and Year 7 Top-up were combined to continue the increase in in-class support levels whilst we advertised and employed an unqualified teacher to go back to direct 1:1 and paired teaching to enhance progress in Literacy and Numeracy.

The Pupil Premium Grant of £23,370 and the Year 7 top-up of £3,500 are now combined to provide an additional unqualified teacher post to support 1:1 and paired teaching.

This continues to deliver outcomes for pupils supported by these grants completely in line with our excellent outcomes for all pupils.

Past use 2014-15-16

Pupil Premium and Year 7 Catch-up Grant are used to enhance individual support in the classroom. In 2014/15 Pond Meadow used individual support on a withdrawal basis (out of class support) but we felt, for 2015/16, that for many of our pupils in-class support was preferable as it fitted with the routines and structures that are key to the pupil's learning. The school already offers staffing levels above that commissioned in Surrey's Local Offer by focusing spending on class support staff within our budget, Pupil Premium is used to further increase the staffing level and focus time for specific individual support.

The Literacy (communication) and Numeracy (engagement) outcomes for pupils who are the focus for these two funding areas are at least good and are completely in-line with outcomes for pupils across the school. These outcomes will be tracked and summarised at the end of 2015/16 to ensure that the change in delivery continues to support pupils appropriately. (More detailed information on Pupil Progress can be found in our 'Pupil Progress' section under the 'Information' tab).

Funding for Pupil Premium is based on £300 per pupil to support children of Service families and either £950 or £1300 (depending on age) to support children using the Free School meal indicator. Pupil Premium amounts are calculated on around 17 pupils.

In 2014/15 the school received £20,145 in Pupil Premium and £2,000 in Year 7 Catch-up Grant.

In 2015/16 the school received £20,345 in Pupil Premium and £4,500 in Year 7 Catch-up Grant.

In simple terms this translates to approximately 49 hours of classroom support time per week. If pupils who are the focus for this money were evenly spread through the school these hours would translate to approximately 3 hours per week per class/pupil or approximately 30 minutes of individual support per class/pupil per day. The school already provides a minimum additional enhancement of 3 hours per day per class above the LA commissioned levels.

The school expects similar levels of funding in 2016/17 and plans to continue its in-class support but will review this depending on the tracking information on pupil outcomes.


PE and Sports Grant

Current use 2016-17

The Primary PE Grant of £8,200 still continues to support our hydrotherapy work in the school, primarily by training staff in shallow water proficiency so that each class has a least one trained member of staff. The school also provides a trained lifeguard poolside.

Unfortunately, following the great success of our Dance work on the Extended Day we have not been able to replace the instructor with a similarly experienced person. With the agreement of the Children and Learning Governors' sub-committee we have now transferred this to appointing an Occupational Therapist to work with us on Physical and Sensory elements to our PE and whole school curriculum.


Past use 2013-14-15-16

The PE and Sports Grant was £8,210 in 2013/14,and  £8,200 in 2014/15 and 2015/2016. This has been used to support our hydrotherapy work and provide specialist dance input to the Primary aged pupils.

All full-time Primary pupils are offered a session of warm water swim time/hydrotherapy and the school supports this by providing a poolside lifeguard and through training class staff in shallow water safety. Part of the PE and Sports Grant is used to support the annual training of these key staff so that we can continue providing these sessions across all Primary classes.

On Wednesday afternoons between 3:00pm and 5:00pm the school offers an 'extended day' to all full-time pupils throughout the school. The balance of the PE and Sports Grant was used in 2014/15 to provide a block of input in the Summer Term from a dance specialist starting early on Wednesday afternoon and into the 'extended day'. The dance work was focused on the pupils creating a performance for a parent's assembly.

In 2015/16 this was used towards similar support for training and specialist input as for past years.


Admissions and Visits


The Acadedy retains its close working relationship with Surrey Local Authority and our admissions arrangements are managed through their local Education Offices.

All families are welcome to make an informal visit to the school to meet the staff, see our facilities and gain an impression of our approach.

Admissions to the school, though, are handled directly through the Surrey County Council Education Department Area Office and you should contact them in the first instance on 01483 517890.

If appropriate, the Area Office will allocate a Case Officer and send formal papers to the school. The school then arranges for a formal visit, often allowing time in class for your son or daughter, and then responds to the Area Office as to whether we can meet the child's Special Educational Needs and whether we have a space within that class group. It is then the Local Authority, not the school, that offers the place to you.


The Local Offer and the SEN Information Report

These files provide the outline information about Surrey LA's Local Offer and the School's response to the 14 questions on SEND agreed by the SE group of 7 Local Authorities. It is through these two documents that the school seeks to provide information to parents about the new SEND arrangements but we would advise all parents to look first of all at the Surrey SEND local offer site,  https://www.surreysendlo.co.uk/ .


Information on the local offer can be found here.


The school's SEN Information Report can be found here.