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Pupil Progress


Pupil Progress data summary 2014-15 and 2015-16

The table provides a summary of pupil progress for 2014-15 and 2015-16. It is based on P Scale comparisons to the national Durham data set. This report is an anonymised version of the one presented to the Governors to prevent any pupils from being identified. 


Pupil Progress 3 year data summary



2013-14 Data Report




2012-13 Data Report





2011-12 Data Report


The 2013-14 Pupil Progress Report                                                                The 2012-13 Pupil Progress Report is based on comparisons to Progression Guidance and contains data from RAISEonline. It outlines pupil progress across different groups within the school.  It also includes summarised data on ASDAN Accreditation.    The 2011-12 Pupil Progress Report outlines pupil progress across different groups within the school. To avoid identifying pupils, some data has been removed. The report shows pupil progress at the school compared to other pupils with similar needs both within Surrey and nationally. 


Leavers Aged 19: Pupil Destination 2010-15



Leavers from Springboard ASD Assessment Nursery: Pupil Destination 2010-15