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Destination Pond Meadow currently has five Trustees:

Ronnie Martin (Chair)

Colin Jobson 

David  Monk

Catherine Attridge 

Grant Straker 

Ronnie, Colin, and David have been involved since the charity was set up. In October 2016, they were joined by Catherine following her significant involvement in raising funds through grants. Grant, a former parent Governor at the school, become a Trustee in March 2018.

Each of the founding Trustees was each asked why they became a Trustee of DPM.

Ronnie Martin:

'Simply because I wanted to help the school in any way I could......and I'm still trying to do that'

Colin Jobson:

'When I stepped doen from being a Governor I wanted to continue to support the school and its pupils  and as a Trustee I feel that is possible.'

David Monk:

'I believe having a member of the School's Senior Management Team as a Trustee can enhance the relationship with the charity.' 


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